COVID-19 Safe Policy

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Datarhyme enhanced hygiene procedure to protect against COVID-19

COVID-19 Lockdown Blues lockdown 

COVID-19 Lockdown Blues

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Datarhyme does not have any customer-facing outlets so were effectively open during the lockdown as customers communicate by phone or the Internet to book services. However, with the current lockdown in place, there is no scope for work as we rely on the events where people interact together.  Datarhyme encourages everyone to follow the Staying… Continue reading →

Datatrhyme PA Selector 

Confused About Hiring a PA System

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Do you need help hiring the correct PA system for your event? You’ve got no idea what you need. You confused by watts and woofers. Try our PA system selector below to provide you with easy to understanding information on the type of system you’ll need for your event. Note that all our systems including… Continue reading →

High Quality PA System Sound with MP3/AAC Music pa digital files 

High Quality PA System Sound with MP3/AAC Music

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You’ve hired a decent PA system, you connect up your laptop and start playing music but it doesn’t sound right. The sound isn’t crisp and the bass is lacking. You try another song and it sounds the same. What’s wrong? Your first thought is to blame the PA system but wait a minute. Let examine… Continue reading →

Compact Line Array 

Guide to Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays

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“Small, light and sonically powerful, these arrays are designed for the vast majority of average-sized spaces.” TechDecisions Guide to Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays is an article by Frederick J. Ampel.  It details the trend and provides an overview of Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays PA systems. “This trend and product overview is focused on the… Continue reading →

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Misconceptions 1348498388 75568000 

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Misconceptions

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Portable appliance testing (PAT), what’s all the fuss about? PAT describes the examination and testing of an electrical appliance to ensure that it is safe to use. A visual examination identifies external safety defects. A test using a PAT inspection kit identifies internal defects such as irregular voltage, etc.…. As a provider of PA hire equipment, we… Continue reading →

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