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Loudspeaker - PA Hire Equipment


Offering high quality self powered loudspeaker technology.

12in Active Loudspeaker – RCF HD32-A
10in Active Loudspeaker – RCF ART 710-A MK2
10in Active Loudspeaker – RCF ART 910-A
18in Active Subwoofer – RCF SUB 8003-AS II

Mixing Desk

Mixing Desks

Offering basic analog desks and modern digital desks.

18ch Compact Digital Mixer – Allen Heath CQ18-T
14ch Multipurpose Mixer – Allen Heath Zed 60 14FX
4ch Mic/Line Mixer – Allen Heath Zed-6
4ch Mic/Line Mixer – Mackie U.420d

DJ Equipment

DJ Equipment

Offering advanced DJ technology with equipment from Allen Heath, Pioneer and Technics.

Professional DJ/Club Mixer – Allen Heath XONE 42
Professional Digital CD Deck – Pioneer CDJ-900
Professional DJ Turntable – Technics SL1210

Microphones & DI Boxes - PA Hire Equipment

Microphones & DI Boxes

Offering professional microphones and DI boxes

Dynamic Vocal Microphone – Shure Beta 58A
Dynamic Vocal Microphone – Sennheiser E845
Dynamic Instrument Microphone – Shure Beta 57A
Dynamic Bass Microphone – AKG D112
Condenser Microphone – AKG C1000 S
Wireless Vocal Microphone – Sennheiser XSW 35
Active Direct Box – DBX DB12
Passive Direct Box – EMO E520

Lighting - PA Hire Equipment


Offering LED lighting for party events

Multi-Effect LED/Strobe Light – Chauvet FXpar 9

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