Basic (iPod / Laptop) PA Speaker for Hire in London

Adrian Cooke   January 1st, 2022   Leave a comment

PA Speaker Hire

Check out our Basic PA Speaker Package for hire in London and the South East.

Available from 800watts-1600watts, this system provides a solution for background music, vocal performing or small party events ready for you to connect your iPod or laptop.

Aimed at DIY parties and vocal entertainment events speeches, karaoke, etc…

System Features

  • Active Loudspeakers
  • Mic/Line Mixer – 4ch
  • Microphone
  • iPod / Laptop Mini-Jack Cable
  • Optional Extras: CD/MP3 Media Player and Party Lighting

Basic 80 PA System

Basic 80

PA speaker hire for up to 80 people – 800watts

Ideal for small spoken word events and background music.
• Available from £80.00

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Basic 120 PA System

Basic 120

PA speaker hire for up to 120 people – 1400watts

Aimed at music playback and vocal entertainment events.
• Available from £90.00

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Basic Party 80 PA System

Basic Party 80

Party PA speaker hire from 80 to 100 people – 1600watts

Designed for small party events where the music is played from an iPod or laptop. See our Party System range for larger party options.
• Available from £100.00

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