Guide to Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays

Adrian Cooke   May 2nd, 2013   Leave a comment

Compact Line Array

“Small, light and sonically powerful, these arrays are designed for the vast majority of average-sized spaces.”

TechDecisions Guide to Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays is an article by Frederick J. Ampel.  It details the trend and provides an overview of Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays PA systems.

“This trend and product overview is focused on the exploding number of small and micro-sized “line array” products. The number of products available today is growing at such an incredible rate that you must consider this system type when evaluating possible products for the vast majority of spaces. Very few facilities are truly large enough to require the deployment of the very large array products. For the purposes of this article and roundup we defined subcompact arrays as those using primary or LF drivers of 8 inches in size or less. We defined micro-sized arrays as those using drivers of 5 inches or smaller.”

Read the full article at TechDecisions Guide to 20 Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays

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