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Datarhyme is a London based PA sound rental and event solutions company. We offer PA system hire & lighting packages, speaker hire, DJ equipment hire and event management solutions in London and South East England.

  • We provide complete PA system sound hire packages and speaker hire for small spoken word meetings, live performing showcases, live band gigs, parties & celebrations, seminars & conferences, weddings, outdoor concerts and more…
  • We supply and manage all the sound related elements (speakers, microphones, DJ equipment, lighting, etc.) with our event management services.

Datarhyme differentiates itself from others by focusing on quality of service with an inclusive setup service providing a technician to set up, test and tear down each system. Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction with complete end-to-end services that meet the requirements of your event.

Basic 80 PA System

Basic PA Hire

For spoken word and music playback events

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General 120 PA System

General PA Hire

For vocal performing events

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Party 180 PA System

Party PA Hire

For DJ parties and dance events

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Live Band 200 PA System

Live Sound PA Hire

For live performing and live band events

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Concert-Level Systems

Concert Systems

Scalable PA systems for larger events

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Event Lighting Hire

Event Lighting

For parties and luxury events

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PA Hire Packages Icon

Hire Packages

PA systems and event lighting packages assembled to match the requirements of numerous events.
Hire packages are available for simple speeches, conferences, DJ & house parties, weddings, live band concerts and more.

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Event Solutions Icon

Event Solutions

This is an extension of our hire services where we supply and manage all the sound related elements at events. We specifically cater for Weddings, Corporate Events, Parties / Celebrations and Seminars / Conferences.

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    Datarhyme specialises in providing PA hire and event solutions with a focus on quality of service. Learn more →

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